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Collar Me Happy Calming Collars for Dogs

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Natural Oils Infused in Each Collar

Wild Orange

Bottles with lemon and orange essential oils, fresh fruit slices on cheerful orange backgr

Mood stabilizer (uplifter), reduces separation anxiety, aggression, shyness, and aggression.


Bottles with lemon and orange essential oils, fresh fruit slices on cheerful orange backgr

Reduces stress, fear, shock, and agitation, overall calming and uplifting.


Bottles of rose essential oil and fresh flowers on wooden table.jpg

Used to calm, stabilize, reduces nervousness, and anxiety issues( excessive barking, chewing), and heal trauma-based behavior issues.

100% organic essential oils are they key to our aromatherapy success for pets. Watch the video above to learn more.

Happy Hounds. Happy Humans.


"These collars helped a lot!! Our pitty is doing much better. I used to have to pick her up, because she would not walk on our tile floor. Now she hardly hesitates!! These collars are as cute as they are functional! I think the fragrance has calmed our whole house down. Thank you Collar Me Happy for working so hard to help make life with our 4 legged baby better!"

Beth Southern


"I have seen first hand the positive effect these collars have on dogs. They truly make a difference in not only the lives of dogs but theirs owners too! Thank you Collar Me Happy!!!!"

Tracy Gilbert


"Our sweet girl Penny, who has always been anxious, was mauled by a Mastiff last Summer. While our vet was able to stitch and suture her up on the outside, her nerves, shakes, and tail tucks on walks became debilitating. The only solution that has brought her relief is the Collar Me Happy anti-anxiety, essential oil infused collar. We've been blown away by the change in demeanor, after only a few days!"

Rich Terapak

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