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Aromatherapy calming collars that work!

If you're going to buy a calming collar, you should buy the right one.

Our collars are infused using only the highest quality 100% pure veterinarian grade essential oils. Naturally calming and balancing your favorite family members behaviors.

Our collars naturally heal;

  • General anxiety

  • Separation anxiety

  • Excessive Barking or chewing

  • Past trauma

  • Aggression

  • Pulling

  • Food aggression

  • and so much more!

They also help with training, during vet visits, thunderstorms, loud noises. car rides, calming during family events or crowds, and so much more!

Dog approved, Vet approved, Family approved. The best calming collar on the market.

15% of all purchases goes toward saving the lives of dogs in rescues and shelters.

Shop online :


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