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About Us

Making your hound as happy as they make you



Collar Me Happy products help to naturally support calm and balanced behavior in your dog. Each collar has specific essential oils chosen to naturally help dogs manage stress, promote relaxation and support balanced behavior.

Why we are different: 

Collar Me Happy we are passionate about your furry best friends health and wellness. Our organic-essential oil-infused collars are designed specifically for your pet’s anxiety level. Unlike prescribed pharmaceuticals and other calming collars, our wearable remedies contain 100 % pure veterinary grade essential oils. Mood soothers domesticated animals would otherwise forage in the wild. Collar Me Happy calming collars are specially patented to deliver a holistic, animal-safe aromatic scent specifically blended to make pets as happy as they make you.



Our promise to you and your hound is to provide excellent customer service, on a personal level with the same attention to detail that goes into every product we make.



In June 30, 2018 my fiancé passed away suddenly. Our dog Dave was inconsolable. His behavior was very hard to handle and unexpected. He was aggressive to family members and friends. He appeared vicious to strangers and I could not walk Dave without him biting me. Prior to Justin’s death, he was the best dog! He was so affectionate and loving. He loved all people and all animals. I never had to worry about anything. I could walk him and I never feared that he would hurt me, or another person, or animal. Everybody loved Dave! However, after Justin died, Dave's behavior completely changed. I didn’t recognize my dog anymore and it was scary. Friends and family thought I would have to get rid of Dave because he was too aggressive and hard to handle. That was not an option. Dave was my child. He was missing his best friend just like I was. I took Dave to the vet, and he was placed on trazodone. I didn’t like what the trazodone was doing to Dave and it would wear off. I didn’t feel it was truly helping Dave heal.

To help me sleep at night, I started diffusing essential oil’s. I noticed that while Dave was in my bedroom with me he was really calm. However, as soon as he would leave my bedroom he became aggressive unpredictable and scary. The essential oils were doing something to help heal Dave’s heart and soul. I searched online for collars infused with essential oils. There was nothing out there. So that is when I decided I would create an essential oil infused collar for Dave. I did research on essential oils and spoke to my vet to ensure the collar I created would be safe for him. I love Dave. He is my child, in my opinion, and I would do anything to help him heal from losing his best friend. 

After I created my first collar, I put it on Dave and took him for a walk. Almost immediately, Dave was calm. I could walk him without him aggressively jumping on me. He wasn’t trying to attack other dogs or people. Dave was happy. He was smiling! I couldn’t believe it. I had spent months wondering how to help my baby and the essential oils healed him immediately. My friends and family couldn’t believe Dave's quick transformation. Everyone asked me what my secret was. That’s when I knew I had something special!

I wanted to create more collars and help other families heal that were suffering the way Dave and I were. However, before I could do that, I became an animal Aromatherapist. This was to ensure my would safely improve products the health and wellness of fur-babies and then I open my company.

Our Story


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