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Collar Me Happy: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Essential Oil Therapy?
    Essential oil therapy or aromatherapy, is a form of alternative medicine that employees plant extracts to support health and well-being.
  • How do essential oils work?
    When the essential oil molecules are inhaled, they travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact that amygdala, the emotional center of the brain.
  • Why choose Essential Oils?
    Animals to humans, we all instinctively know what is good for us. Out of care and concern for our pets wellbeing, all to often we don't provide our pet with the correct therapeutic products. This feels like a loss of control to your pet and increases their stress and unwanted behaviors.
  • What blend of essential oils do you use?
    Collar Me Happy ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Meet The Ingredients: Rose: Used to calm, stabilize, and reduce nervousness. Orange: Perfect for uplifting and finishing anxious behavior. Lavender: Reduces stress, fear, shock, and agitation. Vanilla: Comforting and Nurturing qualities for dogs that experience Nervous tension, irritability, and/or anger
  • What does Holistic mean?
    Holistic therapy naturally treats the whole animal ( mind, body, and soul). Animals instinctually know how to heal themselves. If they were in the wild they would know which plant or flower to pick to help them feel better. The holistic approach brings nature back into your pets life. What you will see is an increase the amount of trust and respect between animal and human. You will also see an immediate drop of unwanted behaviors and drastically decrease stress in your fur-baby
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Our turnaround time is typically between 1-2 weeks. Shipping takes a little bit longer since every product is made to order.
  • What if the product doesn’t work for my pet?
    Happiness is guaranteed! If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and we will make it right.
  • How do i know what size collar to get?
    Watch the video below to learn how to find your dog's collar size!
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