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Handcrafted natural hemp rope dog leash

Handcrafted natural hemp rope dog leash

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Our handmade natural hemp rope dog leash with hemp twine accents match perfectly to our collars. They create the perfect pair!

Hemp rope is very strong and durable. Hands are secured with hemp twine. A handy ring has been added to the leash Readings and your keys, poop bag holder, treat bag, and other things.

Each leash is handmade with natural materials. Therefore, the outcome may vary from product to product.

Watch out – dogs really love hemp rope, so they can view it as a toy if it’s not attached to their collar :-)

100% plastic free products and packaging.


-12 mm Hemp rope

-Natural Hemp Twine

- Black Metal alloy/steel accessories

Why hemp?

- No toxins, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals

- Resistant to mold and mildew

- Anti-bacterial.

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